Rin has lived in the distant and uninhabitable Jade Fox Snow Mountain since she was little. She became the the succeeding miko of the Jade Fox Clan after the disappearance of her older sister. For a certain aim, she attended and passed the Ninja Exam.


  • Age
    17 years old
  • Height
  • Birthday
    September 9th
  • Zodiac
  • Ambition
    To lift the curse on the Jade Fox Clan.
  • VA
    Aoi Yuuki

How to Unlock

Unlocked by Wish (Shrine of Faith).


Ice Burial

Ice Element Ninjutsu' Rin creates a field of frost and summons a Snowstorm for 9 sec.


Water Commanding

ATK +80 when using a Water Element Main Weapon

Relic Signet

Gain a Relic Slot (The added Relic Slot can only equip the relic of Jade Fox Relic Set)

Ice Soul Arcana

[Ninjutsu - Frozen Funeral] Ninjutsu ATK +320

Song of Ice-heart

When Rin's HP is full, Weapon ATK +400

Frozen Zone

[Ninjutsu - Frozen Funeral] Screen Sweep DMG +25% after casting

Ice Storm

[Ninjutsu - Frozen Funeral] Spawn a Giant Ice Crystal halfway through the Ninjutsu's Active Duration

Full Biography

Rin, as a young girl of the Jade Fox Clan, has been living in the distant and uninhabitable Jade Fox Snow Mountain ever since she was little. After the disappearance of her older sister, she took her place and became the succeeding miko of the Jade Fox Clan. For a certain aim, she has overcome many hardships to study ninjustsu in Ninja Village. She often took care of others in the school, while bickering with self-willed Pepper. Although she looks warm and optimistic on the outside, there are unspeakable secrets hidden deep inside her heart. In the cultivation in Kunai, Rin truly realized the meaning and duty of being a miko, awakening the Snow Dance power inside her.


Written by: ExtremeHippo (452500907516) & Chomusuke춈스케 (413701101814)

Rin is a water based Ninja that focuses on high damage with lower survivability and focuses on dodging. Rin has the ability to fly for a short time after double jumping, Sort of like Souga’s ability but flying instead of another jump. Using this ability to fly most boss attack patterns and obstacles can be completely bypassed. 

A tip for using flying is that your dash speed transfers to your flight speed so if you do a dash and then jump into a fly you will travel at dash speed in air for however long the fly lasts for.

How to level-up Ninja more quickly?

Coins and stones are mostly farmable in ninja trials.” This fact stays universal to all ninjas, including Rin. Therefore you must unlock as many trials as possible. I personally recommend farming in the order of water stones → coins → hammers. 

Regularly checking mystery shops and participating in events might benefit you as well. Always check on that.

What are the recommended Weapons/Relics/Team set-up?

In connection to the first question, unlocking trials requires unlocking higher ninja ranks. And to unlock ninja ranks, you must be…strong enough to do the challenge missions (or be patient and do the daily missions everyday). So your weapons, relics, team set-ups indeed matter.


Your primary weapon must be: Sky Crystal Kunai. The fact that this weapon can stack its skill twice is a big advantage, even when accounting the doubled cooldown for second storage. You will feel less-pressured to use weapon skills ASAP. It also does a decent amount of damage, and provides quite a bit of safety for clearing the whole screen. If you do not own this weapon, use other SSR weapons that are water-based. I will explain why in #3. 

For the secondary weapon (unlocked at awakening), you may choose whatever you wish, depending on the situation.


Generally, you want to take these two combinations. 

Water shuriken + Water ring. 

Feather / Mirror / Fan / Bell (Make 2 choices out of 4). 

Except “Azure Divine Bell”, they all increase your damage, so definitely make them S and SS if you can. If you are on the lower end, A rank water shuriken + S rank water ring should be enough for you. You should be able to choose one of four S rank rings from the beginners mission. 


If your Rin is at perk 2 or higher, you may choose to add another relic in your own taste. For example, you can use “Soul Elixir”, which helps maintaining “Jade Fox Set” (Feather / Fan / Mirror / Bell → Rin gains 200 bonus ATK when at FULL HP). Or if you are confident that you will never get hit, you can use relics that heavily increase your ATK such as “Specter Steel Trap” (HP recovery reduction, but massive increase in ATK). 

There are relics dedicated to certain bosses as well, such as “Land of Steam Technician”, which does more damage to mecha bosses, as well as decreasing damage from them. Always use them, if in the right condition.

Team set-up

You should also have different teams for different situations. For example, you better use Blue Ninja and Green Ninja as a support ninja when going against human bosses (Samurai, Shadowblood) and Mech bosses (Sword, Mk) respectively. 

Yoru and Zaza in race mode, Minami if all 3~5 players are good, etc…

Personally I use Buggy & Flash (HP recovery) + Mr. Shiba (Shuriken orb damage increase) under normal circumstances.

Analysis of Ninja's talents and skills

This is the big part. There are so many great talents to talk about Rin, so I had to narrow it to three. These are very, VERY useful.


Her very first outstanding ability is “Mid-Air Dance”. You can fly for a short amount of time, and this will save you from A LOT of patterns and contents. If I were to include every single one of them, it would take hours so I will skip that process (You don’t have to invest too much on this, since she innately has it. But if you have enough resources to do it, go ahead). 

Next up is “Weapon - Water Blade”. In 2a, remember I said water weapons were recommended for Rin? This talent is the reason for it! When the main weapon is a water element weapon, you gain additional ATK stats, up to a bonus effect of +230 ATK, and a little bit of HP after lv.110. This allows Rin as one of the hardest hitting ninjas, thus loved by a lot of players. 


“Enhanced Ninjutsu - Ice Burial” is a talent unlockable after unlocking Lv.100. Whenever you trigger your ninjutsu, you will gain 12 ice crystals that never disappear, until they hit something. This is very useful for both protection and dps, since each crystal can defend against most projectiles, and can also do a lot of damage if the boss rushes at you (which makes all 12 crystals to hit in an instance). Definitely invest if you can. 

Analysis of Ninja's damage under different bosses

In relation to her ninjutsu, Rin can perform significantly better or worse, which is very different from Kuro's. Kuro doesn’t do a lot of damage (or maybe he does. I don't know), but somewhat consistent since fireballs follow bosses. Contrarily, Rin summons a bunch of ice crystals which all fall into random places in front of her, so you better be aware of when to use it. For example, you do not want to use ninjutsu when Shadowblood is attacking behind you. 

Bosses’ size also matters. Lightning / Fire Dragons are very big, so it’s really easy to nuke on those types of bosses. Red / Blue Flame Swords also move a lot (but not invincible like Shadowblood) so you can actually find swords getting hit on their own which I found very hilarious.


RinA young girl of the Jade Foxes. For some unknown reason, she took and passed the Ninja Exam.
Yayoi - RinAn imperial costume of the court. Wearing this outfit gives a sense of majesty.
Peachy - RinIn order to participate in the Sakura Festival, Rin prepared herself a pink dress--she seemed to smell of Sakura.
Kagura - RinAfter conducting the ancient ritual, Rin was given guidance of her destiny.
Miko - RinAs the Protege of the Fox Miko, she studied witchcraft with great passion. No one knows Rin's true strength.
Maid - RinThe disputes in the Ninja world have calmed. Rin opened a maid cafe, becoming the cutest boss in Ninja Village.
Blue Snow - Rin"Blue Snow is a beautiful flower! Its language is 'cool, brave, and straightforward', just like Rin!"
Sakura - RinYouth is meant to be glorious, just as the blooming flowers in spring. Which one is cuter, the girl or the Sakura?