Living in Bamboo Village, Pepper is a human girl who has a deep passion for delicious food. To unveil the truth about her origins, she went on a journey accompanied by her friends and loved ones.


  • Age
    15 years old
  • Height
  • Birthday
    March 29th
  • Zodiac
  • Ambition
    To trace her origins and find out what her gifted talent is.
  • VA
    Yuuki Luna

How to Unlock

Unlocked by Wish (Choice of Flame?).


Phoenix Flame

Fire Element Ninjutsu' kicks out a barrage of Firebolts like the gusting wings of a Phoenix. Pepper's original Finishing Move made by combining Phoenix Flame with the Kung Fu of Panda Village. (This Ninjutsu can be switched between active and inactive, consuming Ninjutsu Energy 33% slower when inactive)


Fire Commanding

ATK +80 when using a Fire Element Main Weapon

Relic Signet

Gain a Relic Slot (The added Relic Slot can only equip the relic of Red Flame Relic Set)

Fire Refining

ATK +320 when using a Fire Element Weapon

Fire Soul Generation

+1 Max Fire Souls

Fire Shield

[Ninjutsu - Phoenix Flame] Phoenix Flame has a 40% chance to prevent 2 attacks from opponents

Phoenix Dance

Can consume 4 Fire souls to activate Phoenix Dance to deal damage. (Can only be used once per battle

Full Biography

Pepper is the descendant of Divine Flame Clan. Her family perished right after her birth, but luckily she was saved by Seikei. When being rescued, she was holding a chili in her hand, so the name "Pepper" was given to her. The passionate and optimistic girl with strong characteristics is deeply adored by Panda Elder and villagers in Bamboo Village. Under the influence of Seikei, Pepper likes collecting various kinds of ingredients (especially spicy ones) and she can always cook surprisingly delicious food with them. In order to trace her origins, Pepper, growing up day by day, joined the ninjas in Ninja Village. Although she has not systematically learned the ways of Ninjutsu, that does not stop her from easily executing ninjas' moves due to her spectacular natural talent and her good foundation of Taijutsu. Her flame is a unique talent of the Divine Flame Clan itself, just as hot as pepper!


Written by: SLK | 『Bika』(452700028478) & 夢の始まり(xiao) (205100074048)


P1, ATK +80 when using a fire element main weapon.

P2,unlock fifth relic slot (only for her set)

P3, ATK +320 when using a fire element main weapon.

P4, Max fide soul +1

P5,During her ultimate, there'll be 40% chance to blocks 2 hits

P6,Max fire soul +1, fire soul deals dmg once per fight 

P2, P4 and P6 are the most important perks

Core Talent (Ninjutsu): 

-GEAR 2 (greater aim/dmg)

-Flame Shield

Additional Notes

Pepper is great on Bounty with high hp

Flame Soul will generate in Boss Fight, which increase your dmg by a lot

(sowy Pepper is really new for me) 

Team effect

For every 5 second, increase Ninjutsu atk


Phoenix Jade Pendant

s effect: ATK + 65, heal + 1/s

ss effect: ATK + 135, heal + 1/s

ss plus r1 effect: ATK + 165, heal + 2/s. 

ss plus r2 effect: ATK + 200, heal + 2/s. 

ss plus r3 effect: ATK + 239, heal + 3/s. 

Seven Flame Rosary

s effect: start with 1 fire soul.

ss effect: start with 2 fire soul, ATK + 30.

ss r1 effect: start with 2 fire souls, ATK + 60.

ss r2 effect: start with 2 fire souls, ATK + 122. 

ss r3 effect: start with 3 fire souls, ATK + 188.

Red Lotus crystal

s effect fire element ATK + 55, HP + 45

ss effect: fire element ATK + 90, HP + 65

ss r1 effect: fire element ATK + 101, HP +80.

ss r2 effect: fire element ATK + 125, HP + 96.

ss r3 effect: fire element ATK + 156, HP + 115

her set: 

lv 1 when pepper has 3 fire soul with her ATK+306

lv 2 when pepper has 3 fire soul with her ATK +360

lv3 when pepper has 3 fire soul with her ATK +387 

lv4 when pepper has 3 fire soul with her ATK +414

lv5 when pepper has 3 fire soul with her ATK +454


Fire Blessed - Vermilion Bird

-Cheese dmg during Ninjutsu

Fire Bansho

-Lovely low cd

-Can cheese boss for higher dmg

-Great dmg and energy gains

Combinations of relics

there are six(3 that have p2, 3 doesn't) combination of relic I recommend, (1, no p2) master mystique, ninjutsu cheat sheet, Phoenix Jade Pendant, seven flame rosary.

1.this combination make sure pepper can use her ultimate as soon as she got into the boss fight with collecting ninja coins in the bounty

and 1 with p2, master mystique,  ninjutsu cheatsheet, Phoenix jade Pendant, seven flame rosary, Thunder dragon sheath.

this combination make sure she can use her ultimate asap as well but also buff the dmg deal by weapon

2.combination 2 without p2, fire shuriken, fire ring, thunder dragon sheath, master mystique, this combination is considered for people who don't not have her set when they got her and does not let pepper use her ultimate asap but the set increases the dmg deal by weapons 

combination 2 with p2, fire shuriken, fire ring, seven flame rosary, red lotus crystal,  master mystique

this combination does a tone of dmg and give pepper some extra ninjutsu charge

and last 2

3.the combination is particularly designed as a pair for your pepper and sub ninja

how does it work is you put the sub ninja in starter spot and equip master mystique and ninjutsu cheatsheet and sacrifice her/him when the boss fight starts, and respawn with pepper so your pepper is ready to use ultimate and 2 weapons

and here is the combination 3, for no p2 is, fire ring, fire shuriken, seven flame rosary, red lotus crystal, for p2 is fire shuriken, fire ring, seven flame rosary, red lotus crystal

if you're not sure what to equip then there is a simple rule for pepper(or you can say  most of the ninjas) because she has the second highest hp after riki(I think) you can just choose starting ninjutsu energy>DMG>hp>DMG resistance> score bonus

for talent I don't want to waste to long on this, simple rule still ultimate time=DMG>anything else

4.I would like to add another 2 relic combination on relics, 4th combination for no p2 is Phoenix jade Pendant, thunder dragon sheath, red lotus crystal, seven flame rosary, of course you need sacrifice ninja with this set

and with p2 fire ring, fire shuriken, seven flame rosary, Phoenix jade Pendant, red lotus crystal might also be good for you and it need sacrifice ninja as well

and with weapons, there are currently 3 fire weapons. dragon's feast, vermilion bird and fire bansho

I recommend fire bansho or vermilion bird to be main weapon and dragon's feast to be sub weapon

using vermilion bird will launch pepper out and bansho does high dmg, dragon's feast heals and gives energy

If you dont have a fire ssr it's ok ssr does more dmg than fire sr while not the defensive once of course

if you're not sure about priority for talent there are also simple rules, DMG=extra ultimate time>hp>everything else


PepperA human orphan with mysterious flame power who was adopted and raised in Bamboo Village. In order to investigate this mystery and uncover her origins, she joined the team of Ninja protagonists.
Divine Flame - PepperIn the course of her training and harrowing battles, she finally uncovered the mystery of the Divine Flame!
Lemon - PepperIt's sour, sweet, and spicy. Real Pepper!
Festival - Pepper"You have a package. Please check it out!" Whenever there is a grand festival, Pepper would receive new clothes sent with the blessings from that person.