Kuro is a boy who grew up in Ninja Village. His dream is to become a great ninja. When he was a child, Kuro had gone through a dark time because of the immerse energy inside his body. Thanks to the guidance from the Elder and the help from friends like Hayashiro, Kuro still grows into an optimistic and enthusiastic teenager.


  • Age
    16 years old
  • Height
  • Birthday
    December 5th
  • Zodiac
  • Ambition
    To become a great ninja.
  • VA
    Natsuki Hanae

How to Unlock

Unlocked when starting the game for the first time.


Dragon Gunfire

Fire Element Ninjutsu' Summon 3 Blazing Firebolts that track their target for 8 sec.


Fire Commanding

ATK +80 when using a Fire Element Main Weapon

Relic Signet

Gain a Relic Slot (The added Relic Slot can only equip the relic of Black Dragon Relic Set)

Flame Soul Arcana

[Ninjutsu - Dragon Gunfire] Ninjutsu ATK +320

Divine Fire

[Ninjutsu - Dragon Gunfire] Tornado DMG +30%

Enhanced Flame Meteor

[Ninjutsu - Dragon Gunfire] number of Firebolt +1

Skyward Tornado

[Ninjutsu - Dragon Gunfire] Tornado size +50% and Tornado DMG +20%

Full Biography

Kuro is a boy who grew up in Ninja Village. His dream is to become a great ninja. When he was a child, Kuro had gone through a dark time because of the energy hidden inside his body. Thanks to the guidance from the Elder and the help from friends like Hayashiro, Kuro has managed to escape from the shadows and grown into an optimistic and enthusiastic teenager. However, after a few years, the country was no longer peaceful, and the change of Hayashiro led to the struggle of Kuro, whether to believe in his faith or not. In the cultivation in Kunai, Kuro went back to the past and broke the chains inside, reigniting his faith. He defeated the "White Kuro" and the power of dragon flame in his soul has awakened. Kuro has built up his true ninja faith successfully, and understood the duty and mission he carries.


Written by: ExtremeHippo (452500907516), Dedenzz8 (452800579207) & snow (101400133371)

Kuro is a fire element ninja that has very average and balanced stats. Kuro is free and the first ninja you will get.


To build Kuro, it consumes less resources ( less stone, less fragments,..)

Good dmg dealer ( because of the advanced talent, Kuro can shoot fire and deal DPS burning dmg )

His shooting fire can hit boss anywhere on the map


He only has double jump ( triple if got the relic set ) compare to Rin and Souga has the fly and triple jump by default.

His fire shooting also shoot boss projectile prevent dealing more dmg potential. ( but it got better if you get the enhanced talent )

For me, Kuro only get the triple jump if he get the specific relic set, so Race Mode as Kuro is pretty pain full, also his shooting fire does guarantee saving him from dying ( compare to Rin, Souga and Riki ), so i suggest building him as a dmg dealer ( Bounty Hunter )

Because we focuse him with Boss kill style, i suggest skipping a lot of Kuro’s score talent and Race Mode one, focus on getting Ninjutsu, Dmg and HP talent. ( But if you need to get the score talent in order to get 3 kind of talents above, go for it )

Keep in mind that you can still get higher level talent even if you dont upgrade your character to that level, for example:

If your Kuro is level 80, the enhanced talent is on level 100, you can still get it if you have enough stone.

So I recommend upgrade your character to level 80-90, then spend Silver to buy more stones or relic for Kuro.


Kuro’s Dragon Gun Fire is very powerful and easy to use. Fire bolts auto aim towards targets, and then a fire tornado comes at the end. However, the fire bolts don’t go through enemy projectiles.

Ultimate & Perks/Talents

Kuro’s ultimate summons firebolts that will home in on targets for several seconds (will not penetrate projectiles) and then release a large fire tornado in front of kuro for massive amounts of damage 

Kuro’s ultimate is useful in race giving you several seconds of protection. The downside to kuro’s ultimate is that the tornado can be easily dodged if a boss moves behind you. The firebolts also do not penetrate and bullet spam bosses will be harder to hit (bat, demon faces, shadowblood) 

A perk at level 60 is unlocked giving you a free substitution scroll when starting a race (this should be skipped till lvl 100) 

A talent at lvl 80 upgrades substitution scrolls to do a screen sweep when used and give kuro firebolts for a short time (this should also be skipped until lvl 100) 

At lvl 100 a talent is unlocked causing the firebolts from kuro’s ultimate to explode. This lowers the impact of his ultimates main weakness (not hitting through projectiles) this also adds bonus damage to kuro’s firebolts 

Right before lvl 110 a talent is unlocked causing kuro to stack burn on bosses doing damage to the boss occasionally.


Relics are very important to have a good kuro build the recommended relics are as follows: 


For race mode, the relics Aokis Kiss & Dragon blood scarf can be swapped out for race mode and for better survivability and score


The Black Dragon set allows kuro to triple jump which is very important for race and being able to dodge easier If you have your 5th relic slot available the recommended relics are as follows:

Master Mystique allows kuro to gain a huge starting boost to his Ultimate very useful with bosses if you just need that extra boost to do more damage

Or alternatively:

Thunder Dragon Sheath allows your skills to regenerate faster and is very useful in race mode shortening the time between your skill uses

Fire Ring and Shuriken are good, as they’re easy to get and are good with Kuro

Black Dragon Set:

If 2 are used, Kuro gets triple jump, which is very good

-Dragon Bone Horn & Fang Armlets are good for combat, since they boost attack

-Dragon Blood Scarf & Aoki’s Kiss are good for race, since they boost score

-Other good relics include Master Mystique, Red Frog Oil, Thunder Dragon Sheath, and Nova Taiko


Kuro has some very versatile weapons to choose from, they are as follows:

Dragon’s Feast is currently the only weapons that gives some extra healing. Very useful in race mode for when you need some spare health. Or lets you live longer during a hard boss fight. Very balanced

-Good damage 


-Clears out minions well

However, gets blocked by projectiles

Fire Blessed Vermilion Bird is very balanced, but can be hard to time it right to get full damage on the boss. Using vermilion bird if timed right as kuros ultimate unleashes the tornado, can keep the tornado on the boss for the full duration doubling damage. Very useful in race allowing you to move faster and avoid pits, obstacles, etc. The dash also renders you invincible to all damage allowing you to defend or even just skip difficult patterns 


-Decent damage

-When timed right, ninjitsu tornado can spawn on boss, dealing massive damage

Very simple and easy to use weapon useful in both race and bosses. Very short cooldown with high damage.

-Good damage

-Quicker cooldown

Race Mode

Race Mode as Kuro is pretty painful if you dont have the triple jump relic, but we have some ways to increase our score as well as distance.

Focus on score, HP increase relic as well as the buff.

Use weapon with shield or screen sweep ability

Keep in mind that you have to priority your main fire weapon cause more level of weapon then more score bonus

Because of that, i think if you lucky enough to get the Vermilion Bird weapon early, build it up, help you with Race Mode and Boss also.

For team line up in Race Mode, i suggest ninja with score and coin bonus (Rin and the other support ninja i don’t remember xD)


KuroDetermined to become a great ninja, a black-clad boy from the Ninja village continues to grow in his adventures.
Yellow Turban - KuroA mystery birthday gift. It could have been given by her, judging by the color.
Flame Soul - KuroAfter a harrowing bout of training, Kuro has obtained Mysterious Abilities.
Colorful - KuroA failed product about optical camouflage. It does not make you invisible, but is quite eye-catching!
DJ - KuroHip-hop, Rap, DJ, B-BOX... Presenting you the other side of Kuro.