Save the Divine Tree

Due to the abnormalities of the ley line, the Divine Tree guarded by the clan of Jade Fox is gradually withering. Therefore, they ask the Ninja Village to help them save the Divine Tree.

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
➥ February 21 at 19:00 - February 26 at 19:00 (UTC+0)

Event Overview:
➥ During the event, you need to collect Tree Spirits from an event-limited stage. Once you reach the target amount of Tree Spirits, you can claim one random reward from the prize pool. You can get the said reward once per day.

Gameplay Details

➥ From the main menu, click on the Divine Tree Revival icon at the top of the main menu. Then, select Challenge to open the event page.

➥ During the event, Ninjas can collect Tree Spirits in the challenge. The Tree Spirits collected in each challenge will be stored in a Tree Spirit Container (The circle in the center of the tree). You need to collect a maximum of 100 Tree Spirits per day, and you can reach this amount just with two challenges.

➥ When the stored Tree Spirits reach the target amount, Ninjas can infuse Tree Spirits into Divine Tree. Finish the infusion to earn great rewards. Remember that each Ninja only has one chance to infuse Tree Spirits every day.

How to complete the challenge

➥ The challenge has a set of lengths but without any time limit. Your Ninja will have a steady running pace throughout the challenge and will gradually increase the speed. The Tree Spirits are all around the stage, so your only aim is to survive and collect as many Tree Spirits as you can. Take advantage of the tree branches and jumping platform to reach the nearest Tree Spirits.

➥ There will be kites on top of some trees on the stage. By riding a kite, you can gather lots of Tree Spirits much more easily than on the ground.

Samurai will also appear in the middle of the stage to attack you. It's best to avoid their attack instead of killing them, and just focus on collecting the Tree Spirits.

➥ If you are a new player, equip Relics that can increase your Ninja's HP and HP Regen instead of Attacks and other stats. Attacking them is a waste of time and you might miss the Tree Spirits. If your Ninja has decent HP, they can safely tank a few of the Samurai's attacks in a row.

Recommended Ninja




➥ Since the terrain is a stage with lots of trees and your Ninja needs to do lots of jumping to reach branches, it is recommended to use a Ninja that can triple jump. You don't have to use their Ninjutsu so any Ninja that can triple jump is fine.

Gameplay Rewards

➥ The main reward here is the randomized prize pool of Divine Tree. Here are the rewards you can obtain:
1. Fate Amulet x1
2. Gold Key x1
3. Jade x300
4. Random Bounty x1
5. Random Element Stone x5
6. Random Element Stone x3
7. Dragon's Blood x50
8. Dragon's Blood x30
9. Coin x30000
10. Coin x15000

➥ Your Tree Spirit infusion will be counted into the global progress. As all Ninjas infuse more and more Tree Spirits, the Divine Tree will gradually revive. Each stage reached by the revival will grant all Ninjas great Revival Rewards!

Cumulative progress for the global serverRewards
Collected Tree Spirits reached 7.5 millionCoin x30000
Collected Tree Spirits reached 15 millionFate Amulet x1
Collected Tree Spirits reached 22.5 millionOptional Element Stone Pack x10
Collected Tree Spirits reached 30 millionJade x500
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