Shadowblood Challenge Contest

Contest Time:December 30 2022, 3:00 - January 10, 2023, 6:00 (UTC-4)

Participation Rules

1:Players can post screen recording videos related to the successful challenging of 

Chapter 6 Stage 8 in Normal Story Mode on twitter/facebook/their personal YouTube 

Channel with hashtag #NinjaMustDie and #ShadowbloodChallenge to participate. 

All entries must be original works created especially for this contest, and the videos 

should be created after December 29.*Don't forget to make it public when uploading 

videos on your personal account/channel.

2:Fill in the relavant information in this exclusive registration form. (including Ninja Must Die 

account uid, video link, perfect clear or not, contact e-mail etc.)

3:Wait for the staff review after the submission deadline and the annoucement of winners.

Official Community 



Ps:Official Community rewards 2 will be slightly different.