Ninja World Tournament Notice

Dear Ninja,

The first Ninja World Tournament will be officially open on April 19th and will be held by division. In each division, ONE BEST player for each Combat Ninja will be determined in the end. Fight, towards the summit of Ninja World! 

1. Qualification Requirement

- When FIRST tapping to enter each Ninja's match in the Tournament page, players will be grouped. Players whose Season 1 highest 3v3 rank reaches Elite V or above are qualified to be grouped.

- Players who are not qualified to be grouped can not participate in Points Race Stage.

2. Grouping Rules

- During Points Race Stage, players will be separated into Group A and Group B based on Season 1 highest 3v3 rank to fight 1v1 battles.

- Ninjas with highest ranking in Warrior V and above will enter Group A. Ninjas with highest ranking in Elite I~V will enter Group B

3. Tournament Rules

The Tournament will be divided into Points Race Stage and Knockout Stage.

Points Race Stage

- Group A will fight in Elite or Hard Map. Group B will fight in Normal Map.

- Players have initial points. After each match is finished, the winner will gain points and the loser will lose points.

- When Points Race Stage is finished, players whose points rank in Top 16 in Group A will advance to Knockout Stage.

Knockout Stage

- The Knockout Stage will go through 5 phases including Eighth-final, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Third-Place Final and Grand Final.

- All matches of Knockout Stage will be in Dangerous Map.

- Players who play in Knockout Stage can get rewards for each match played. Rewards for winner and loser are different.

- Players who play in Knockout Stage will obtain rewards based on their final ranking. Rewards will be sent after Knockout Stage is finished.

After both Points Race Stage and Knockout Stage of each Combat Ninja end, qualified players will be awarded time-limited Honor Ninja Rank, which can be equipped in Special Ninja Rank interface and will be valid until the next Ninja World Tournament.

3. Preset Ninja

To guarantee all qualified Ninjas can participate in Ninja World Tournament, we have prepared Preset Ninja.

- Preset Ninja will have a determined set-up. Players can choose Preset Ninja to fight in Points Race Stage and Knockout Stage. The set-up of Preset Ninja can not be changed.

- If the player does not own the corresponding Ninja, the system will automatically choose Preset Ninja.

For details about Preset Ninja, please refer to in-game content.

4. Prediction with rewards

Participation Requirement: complete 3v3 Training Camp

Winner Prediction in Knockout Stage

- Except for the match they are in, players can vote for winner of each match during Knockout Stage. Only 1 vote is allowed per match and can not be changed once decided. Voters of the winning side can earn rewards. 

Champion Prediction

- When Knockout Stage bracket is decided, players can go for Champion Prediction. Correct Prediction will grant rewards.

- Champion Prediction is available from the start of Knockout Stage to the start of Semifinal. Prediction made in different stages will grant different rewards.

a.Tier 1 Rewards: predict before Eighth-final

b.Tier 2 Rewards: predict during Eighth-final

c.Tier 3 Rewards: predict during Quarterfinal

- Only one Champion can be predicted. The prediction can not be changed after confirmed.

※ All voting and prediction rewards will only be available to claim within a short period after each match ends. Please claim them in time to avoid any losses.

5. Tournament Schedule

※The end time of Knockout Stage may be adjusted according to match progress.

For details about Tournament Rules, please refer to in-game content.


- Please confirm your network and device are in good status before playing in Ninja World Tournament to avoid connection issues.

- Ninja Must Die Team strictly bans any behaviour of account sharing or bug abuse. Once confirmed, all the rewards will be cancelled and the account will be taken corresponding measures. Serious violators will be banned permanently.

- The progress displayed to players when fighting or spectating may vary due to ping difference. The final result should be subject to server judgement.

- Pandada Games reserves the right to the final interpretation of all above terms.

Thank you for your support of Ninja Must Die.

Ninja Must Die Team