Abnormal Mail Explanation

The problem of abnormal New Year Card event rewards via Mail has now been fixed. We hereby want to explain the cause of this problem and the following measures.

The original mail was meant to send the New Year Card rewards to Ninjas who did not claimed them before the event ended. However, due to system error, the rewards were inconsistent with New Year Card event rules and exceeded the maximum limit. Therefore, abnormal rewards were sent via Mail.

Regarding these issues, we decided to take the measures below:

1. The Mail system is now reopened and all mail functions can be used normally. The unclaimed mail containing abnormal rewards has been deleted. This will not influence claiming future rewards. To express our apologies, we will send compensations to Ninjas who have reached Junior Ninja before the New Year Card event ended.

2. The correct New Year Card rewards will be sent later. Please pay attention to following mails.

3. As some Ninjas have claimed the items from the abnormal mail, there are some anomalies in these accounts' data. Therefore, we have taken protective ban on these accounts for a period. The anomalies have been fixed now and Ninjas can log in the game normally. We will deduct the abnormal Jades you claimed before 2023/01/18 16:00 (UTC+0). As the protective ban lasted a long time, we are sincerely sorry for the negative impact on your game experience. To express our apologies, we will provide compensations for Ninjas who are affected. 

Thank you for your cooperation and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We would also like to thank you again for your support of Ninja Must Die as always.

Ninja Must Die Team