2023/2/14 Update Notice

Thank you for your continued support of Ninja Must Die. The server will be updated at the following time. After the update, please restart and download the game patch to experience the game.

[Update Schedule]

2023/2/14 8:00 (UTC+0)

※The update time may change.

[Update Details]

1. Clan Abyss - Preseason Opens

Clan Abyss Preseason of Season 1 will open at 2023/2/15 07:00 (UTC+0). Prepare for the Abyss Challenge by participating in Clan Lottery, Preparation Instance, and other methods to obtain Abyss Card and Abyss Blessing.

 Abyss Challenge will be first opened on 2023/2/17. Ninjas can challenge Abyss Bosses with other Clan Members. Clear each stage will unlock the next stage; within 1 hour, the higher stage you reach, the more rewards you will earn!

 - Clan Abyss

Clan Abyss has two sections: Preparation Instance & Abyss Challenge

 - Preparation Instance

a) Preparation Instance opening time:

  Japan & Korea: Saturday 22:00 ~ Friday 11:30 (UTC+0)

  Asia-Pacific Region: Saturday 23:00 ~ Friday 7:30 (UTC+0)

  Europe: Sunday 06:00 ~ Friday 19:30 (UTC+0)

  North America: Sunday 11:00 ~ Saturday 00:30 (UTC+0)

  ※Please refer to in-game time


b) Preparation Instance will be reset every week, and randomly pick 3 Preparation Instances.

c) You can accumulate personal progress every time you participate in Preparation Instance, by which to obtain rewards such as Clan Coin, Abyss Card, Clan Contribution, and more!

d) Clan Members joining Preparation Instance can accumulate clan progress, by which to unlock or upgrade Abyss Blessing. Abyss Blessings will provide all Clan Members with an ATK increase, HP increase, and more Buffs!

 - Abyss Challenge

a) Abyss Challenge opening time:

  Japan & Korea: Friday 12:00 ~ 13:00 (UTC+0)

  Asia-Pacific Region: Friday 8:00 ~ 9:00 (UTC+0)

  Europe: Friday 20:00 ~ 21:00 (UTC+0)

  North America: Saturday 01:00 ~ 02:00 (UTC+0)


b) Clan Member limitation: Clan Contribution is above or equal to 200 and join current clan before the time below

  Japan & Korea: Thursday 15:00 (UTC+0)

  Asia-Pacific Region: Thursday 16:00 (UTC+0)

  Europe: Thursday 23:00 (UTC+0)

  North America: Friday 04:00(UTC+0)

c) Abyss Boss

  Each stage will appear a random Boss, multiple teams within a clan can challenge at the same time. Damages dealt by all teams will count. The battle will end when the Boss HP reduces to 0 and the next stage will be unlocked.


d) Challenge Rules

  Each player has 4 challenge times. If a Boss is defeated by a player's current team, no challenge time will be consumed. When the challenge time is 0, player cannot challenge any more.


e) After the end, there will be a ranking based on the amount of cleared stages and damage dealt.

f) Clan Members who challenge more than 3 times can claim Clan Abyss Chest after 5 minutes of the end. Based on the cleared stages of the clan, Clan Abyss Chest may upgrade. For more details, please refer to the in-game rules.

g) After the end of Clan Abyss, players will obtain Abyss Coin according to their ranks within the clan. Abyss Coin can be used to exchange bountiful rewards in Abyss Shop.

h) After the end of weekly Clan Abyss Challenge, the top 10 clan members (who dealt the most damage) from the clan with the most cleared stages in the division will be awarded [Avatar - Abyss King].

 - Preseason & Season 1

a) During the Preseason, no Clan Abyss Point or Seasonal Abyss Point will be accumulated.

b) Clan Abyss Point and Seasonal Abyss Point will be available when Season 1 is launched.

c) Clan Abyss Point

  The number of  cleared stages and dealt Boss damage will be converted to corresponding Clan Abyss Points in the weekly Abyss Challenge. When a season ends, there will be a ranking based on Clan Abyss points.The top 100 clans of a division will be awarded Avatar Frame.


d) Seasonal Abyss Point

  Your Personal Damage will be transferred to corresponding Personal Abyss Points in weekly Abyss Challenge.

  There are a total of 18 levels of rewards for Personal Abyss Points. After claiming all 18 rewards, every 100 points will grant you an [Abyss Chest - Gold].


※ For more details, please refer to the in-game rules.

2. Frost Blaze Symphony - Double-weapon Wish Event

Event Duration: 2023/2/15 7:00 - 2023/2/28 16:00 (UTC+0)

 - During the event, Legendary Weapon Wish Event [Frost Blaze Symphony] will be opened, the chance of wishing Legendary Weapons [Shin - Jade Edge Bow] and [Fire Blessed - Vermilion Bird] will be increased. When a Legendary Weapon is wished in [Frost Blaze Symphony], there is a 15% chance to be [Shin - Jade Edge Bow] and a 15% chance to be [Fire Blessed - Vermilion Bird]. 

 - You can choose [Shin - Jade Edge Bow] or [Fire Blessed - Vermilion Bird] as your Selected Weapon before making wishes. You can earn 1 Destiny Point each time you make a wish in [Frost Blaze Symphony].

 - When your Selected Weapon is wished, all Destiny Points will be cleared. Every 180 Destiny Points reached, the next Legendary Weapon is guaranteed to be your Selected Weapon, and the Destiny Points will be cleared. The maximum of Destiny Point is 180, when the limit is reached, you won't get any Destiny Point when making a wish. You won't get Destiny Points when wishing in the Gold Vault. The accumulated Destiny Point will be cleared after the event. You can change your Selected Weapon at any time during the event, but the accumulated Destiny Point will be reset.Please be careful of it.

 - During the event, Weapon Signet Shop will be open. You can obtain 1 Weapon Signet for each Wish made in [Frost Blaze Symphony] event. Weapon Signet can be used in Weapon Signet Shop. Weapon Signet can not be used after the event ends and can not be transferred to the next event. Weapon Signet Shop will be unavailable after the event ends. For more details, please refer to the in-game rules.

 - You can use Platinum Key and Jade to wish in [Frost Blaze Symphony], Gold Key cannot be used in this event.

- The accumulated times of not obtaining Legendary Weapon in [Frost Blaze Symphony] will not count for Gold Vault.

3. Frost Blaze Symphony - Weapon Tryout

Event Duration: 2023/2/15 7:00 - 2023/2/28 16:00 (UTC+0)

During the event, Ninjas can try out the Legendary Weapon - [Shin - Jade Edge Bow] and [Fire Blessed - Vermilion Bird], enter and complete the specified Stage to earn a Platinum Key and other item rewards!

4. Frost Blaze Pack & Special Gift Pack - Time-limited Sale!

Event Duration: 2023/2/15 7:00 - 2023/2/28 16:00 (UTC+0)

During the event, Frost Blaze Pack and Special Gift Pack will be available. Ninjas can purchase in Shop.

5. [Platinum Key] & [Manifest Destiny Amulet] Removed

We recently received a lot of feedback that players are not able to use [Gold Key] and [Fate Amulet] in time-limited wish events. After the update on 2023/3/1, [Platinum Key] and [Manifest Destiny Amulet] will be unavailable to make wishes.

Players can sell [Platinum Key] and [Manifest Destiny Amulet] in the Backpack for Jade x240 and Jade x300 respectively.

※[Gold Key] and [Fate Amulet] can be used for future time-limited wish events.

6. Daily reset time changed

After the update on 2023/2/22, the daily reset time will be changed from 07:00 (UTC+0) to 19:00 (UTC+0) 

Thank you for your cooperation and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We would also like to thank you again for your support of Ninja Must Die as always.

Ninja Must Die Team