2023/1/16 Update Notice

Thank you for your continued support of Ninja Must Die. The server will be updated at the following time. After the update, please restart and download to experience the game.

[Update Schedule]

2023/1/17 8:00 (UTC+0)

※The duration of the update may change.

[Update Details]

1.Time-Limited Event [Revenge Bounty] Opens!

Event Duration: 2023/1/18 7:00 - 2023/1/31 4:00 (UTC+0) 

To lay in ambush in the Dark Forest for the Ninja elites, Onmyoji had once summoned hordes of Shikami, unleashing them all around. Shikigami - Reaper, the most ferocious one, is still doing evil in the Dark Forest until now. It's time to ally yourself with other Ninjas and wipe it out!

Ninjas can obtain special Bounty named [Revenge Bounty] by defeating normal Bounty, and can also obtain Charm after defeating the Revenge Bounty which is used to exchange for items in the Bounty Shop. There will be a variety of difficulty levels of Revenge Bounty, and the highest difficulty: S+ Nightmare difficulty will have a Global Leaderboard. Ninjas may have an opportunity to obtain grant rewards, including event-exclusive Avatar and more if on the board.

2. Weapon Wish Event [Divine Flame Arrives] Time-Limited Chance Increased!

A mighty artifact enshrined in Land of Flame, brand new Fire Legendary Weapon comes to Ninja World!

Event Duration: 2023/1/18 7:00 - 2023/2/7 18:00 (UTC+0)

Event Details:

- During the event, Legendary Weapon Wish Event [Divine Flame Arrives] will be opened, the chance of wishing Legendary Weapon [Divine Flame Staff] will be increased.

- You can earn 1 Wish Point for Divine Flame Arrives each time you make a wish in [Divine Flame Arrives] (hereinafter called Wish Point). During the event, if your total Wish Point is under 180, you will have a 30% chance to get Divine Flame Staff when a Legendary Weapon is wished.

When you collect 180 Wish Points, the next Legendary Weapon wished is guaranteed to be Divine Flame Staff.

- When Divine Flame Staff is wished, all Wish Points will be cleared. When [Divine Flame Arrives] ends, the accumulated Wish Points will also be cleared.

- You can use Platinum Key and Jade to wish in [Divine Flame Arrives], Gold Key cannot be used in this event.

- The accumulated times of not obtaining Legendary Weapon in [Divine Flame Arrives] will be transferred to the next Time-Limited Legendary Weapon Wish Event, and will not count for Gold Vault.

3. [Divine Flame Staff Tryout Stage] Opens

Event Duration: 2023/1/18 7:00 - 2023/2/7 18:00 (UTC+0)

During the event, Ninjas can try out the new Legendary Weapon - Divine Flame Staff, enter and complete the specified Stage to earn a Platinum Key and other item rewards!

[Optimization Details]

- Clan Clash Rules Optimization: added the description of the battlefield difficulty, adjusted the text layout.

- Added [Operation] - [Quick Dash] Function Description: When the [Quick Dash] setting is enabled, Ninjas in the air can quickly touch the [Flip Down] button at the lower left corner and slide the finger down to achieve a fast action combo [Flip Down] + [Dash].

- The following Cards of 3V3 Arena will be available on February 1 at 7:00 (UTC+0): Bounty, Blood Contract, Unite as Oner, Acala Shield, Weak Point (All).

- [Battle Pass Rush] Opens: You will obtain double the amount of Daily Trial Point in the last 5 days of Battle Pass.

[Bug Fixed]

- Fixed some text problems.

- Fixed other known problems.

[Event Ends Notice]

[Lament of Muramasa] time-limited Legendary Weapon chance increased event is coming to an end. After the end of the event, Ninjas cannot obtain [Ghost Tear Muramasa] in the game. Please pay attention to the event time and don't miss it. In the future, we may still open other ways of acquiring [Ghost Tear Muramasa]. Please stay tuned for game announcements.

Note: All time-limited chance increased events follow the above rules.

Thank you for your cooperation and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We would also like to thank you again for your support of Ninja Must Die as always.

Ninja Must Die Team