2023/01/03 Update Maintenance Notice

Thank you for your continued support of Ninja Must Die. The server will be down for update maintenance and update at the following time, during which players cannot log in to the game. Please take note of the update time and arrange your game accordingly. After the update, you can restart the game to experience it.

[Update Schedule]

2023/1/3 18:00 - 21:00 (UTC+0)

※The update time may change.

[Update Details]

1. Clan Clash

Clan Clash will be opened, fight for the glory of your Clan!

 [Participate Rules]

- Clan reaches Level 2 and has at least 15 Clan Members signed up.

- Signing up and starting time vary according to Divisions. Please see details in game.

[Match Rules - Points Race]

- Clan Members who reach Elite Ninja III and above with at least 200 Clan Contributions can join Clan Clash.

- Members cannot join Clan Clash within 24 hours after joining the clan.

- There are 6 types of Clan Clash: Vanguard Battle (3V3), Lieutenant Battle (3V3), General Battle (3V3), Team Battle (All Members), Ace Battle (1V1), and Final Battle (1V1). Except for Team Battle, each player can only participate in one battle.

- Clans that achieve victory on the battlefield will earn Battlefield Points. These are converted to Season Points at the end of the Clan Clash as the basis for ranking.

- After the end of Clan Clash, the Clan with more Battlefield Points wins and obtains 10 extra Season Points.

[Battlefield Rules]

For each Clan Clash, there will be two Vanguard Battles, one General Battle, one Team Battle, two Ace Battles, and one Final Battle. As the Clan Clash progresses, the rules of the battlefield will change.

[Reward Rules]

- For the winning Clan, all qualified members can claim a random reward.

- Members who joined the battle will be granted extra Clan Contributions.

- After the whole Clan Clash completes, players who are qualified to participate in the battle will be able to claim Victory Rewards or Participation Rewards.

※More detailed rules please refer to in-game instructions.

2. Snow Downhill

[Event Schedule]

2023/1/6 7:00 - 2023/1/8 4:00 (UTC+0)

[Event Details]

Ninja Village HQ has prepared the Mountain Ski Area as a New Year Arena. For the first time, this event uses the global leaderboard model. Come and compete with other Ninjas!

※More detailed rules please refer to in-game instructions.

[Optimization Detail]

1. Optimized the click area of the interface of Friend Feature.

[Bug Fixed]

1. Fixed the problem that players cannot complete novice share quest.

2. Fixed the problem that Dragon's Feast does not drop skewers under certain circumstances.

Thank you for your cooperation and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We would also like to thank you again for your support of Ninja Must Die as always.

Ninja Must Die Team